When you first meet Joerg Alfter, you can’t help but notice he likes to talk.  And when you get him talking about music and music production, he seems almost unstoppable.  But, after 25 years of writing, producing, and performing worldwide, achieving 2 Platinum selling records, and moving to the United States in 2007, it’s obvious,  Joerg has a lot to share.  Luckily, for the listener, Joerg’s unbridled passion for music continues to inspire him to share his talent and expertise with all those he works with.

Born near Bonn/West Germany in December 1966, Joerg Alfter began following in his father’s footsteps when he started as a classical trumpet player at the age of 7. Soon after, he expanded into playing other instruments, until he settled with the piano at 14.

As a young man, Joerg started several jazz fusion band projects beginning in 1986 which lead him to his first experiences working in professional studios as both a keyboard player and singer. He quickly became one of the most sought after studio musicians in West Germany.

In the early 90’s Joerg founded the Audio Art Studios, a state of the art recording facility located in old, remodeled Locomotive Halls in West Germany.

He installed one of the very first Pro Tools Systems in Germany, and immediately knew that DAW recording systems in combination with analog gear would be the “future” in music production. ProTools has been Joerg’s main recording platform ever since, never the less, he is thankful for the early opportunities to learn analog audio recording & mixing from scratch.

While working in many top recording and producing locations like EMI Maarweg Studios (EMI, Cologne), Homestudios (Franz Plasa, Hamburg), Juergen Koppers Studios (Munich), AVEX Studios (Honolulu) and many more, Joerg started producing and composing for and with several national and international artists.  He has also accumulated an impressive catalog of songs written in tandem with singer and songwriter Juergen “Josh” Hallfell for BMG Chrysalis (former Global Chrysalis, Fanfare Musik Verlag GmbH)

After signing a Exclusive Authors Contract with Global Chrysalis in early 2002, their first song was placed on a 5 time platinum record for the Spanish version of “American Idol”, called “Opercion Triunfo.” The song “Navidad Sin Ti” (Longing for Christmas), performed by Tony Santos & Miguel Angel Silva, was released on the Christmas sampler “La fuerza de la vida” in Spain, Portugal and South America.

A second title, “Tu Volveras”, performed by Operacion Triunfo contestant Naim Thomas, was also been written and arranged by writer-duo Joerg Alfter/ Juergen Hallfell and was released under Vale Music. The album reached double Platinum.

After all his accomplishments in Europe, Joerg felt it was time for a change. After much thought, he moved to the islands of Hawaii in the US, where he quickly got to work on several successful projects.

Over time Joerg co-wrote, produced  or co-produced with artists like Jeff Babko, Harry Alfter, Michael Ruff, Jay Graydon, Bruce Gaitsch, Naim Thomas, Smokie… and many more.

In 2012 Joerg produced the album “I’m Here” with Hawaiian singer Sunway. “I’m Here” was nominated for the 2013 NA HOKU HANOHANO AWARDS (Hawai’i Grammy) in the categories “Female Vocalist Of The Year” and “Contemporary Album Of The Year”

Several of Joerg’s songs have been performed and recorded by artists all over the world, including releases in Germany, USA, Spain, Scandinavia, UK, Canada and Japan.

As a producer, writer and mixer Joerg continues to live in the United States. He still, however,  works with artists worldwide.